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About R. Thomas Deluxe Grill:

Owned by Richard Thomas, the founder of Bojangles', this brightly-colored South Buckhead eatery is by far Atlanta's quirkiest restaurant: open 24 hours, has a dozen exotic birds, and has been serving health food since the mid-80s.

Phone: 404.881.0246
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Stephanie N.'s Review Stephanie N.
4 Stars

Really loved the eclectic atmosphere here, and it's definitely over the top if you're into that with the lights, animals, and colors. The service was...

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Ashley F.'s Review Ashley F.
4 Stars

I had heard R. Thomas was recently named the best 24 hour restaurant in Georgia, so we decided to try it out instead of our usual Waffle House. It is...

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Sarah H.'s Review Sarah H.
3 Stars

This spot is open 24 hours and very quirky. Don't come here if you don't like birds. Hah!

Pros: a good mix of food for healthy eaters, vegans, and even a...

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R. Thomas' Deluxe Grill
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R. Thomas' Deluxe Grill

4.4 out of 5 stars

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Coy Malone

4 out of 5 stars

Always a pleasure dining here. I try to avoid late-night crowds because of long waits and the noise level and just order to-go, but I'll dine in if it's not too busy. The food is excellent and healthy. The prices are a bit high but you are paying for quality food. Most wait staff is good, you do get an occasional waiter or waitress that doesn't check if you need anything or if you would like to add anything else to your order. I don't like the women's bathroom, there's a window that's open and is visible from their storage room. Looks like a place where creeps can hide out and take a peek, something needs to be put in the window opening to block the view. I don't care how small of an opening it is, you'd be surprised what lengths people will go to.

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Jule Persons

4 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have had the Veggie burgers and the Thai Express, which was absolutely delicious. It was so good that he ate it 2 days in a row. Whenever we are in the area, we stop for a tasty, healthy meal here. The food is fresh and worth the price. When I cared less about what I ate, the food quality and price, I went to places that had a drive thru.

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Gabrielle L.

1 out of 5 stars

Very poor service, our beverages came when we were finishing our food, what's the point of a free refill when we are headed out the door? Our waiter was nonchalant, MIA, uncaring all around & we like to tip big since my husband is in the food industry so he really missed out. The silverware was dirty. My husbands chicken breast was dry and overcooked. My burger was suppose to be well done and pink undercooked. We had to find our server twice to get service and our beverages. Everything was tasteless and small in portion. This place would go out of business if there were another 24 Hour spot around, just horrible. Thumbs down. Not to mention very expensive for what you get, save yourself the trouble.